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Welcome to Alan Bulotsky, MD & Associates, PC, where children come first, and where our team of pediatricians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants works together with parents to provide exceptional medical care for your children. We pride ourselves on providing compassionate, comprehensive services to children from birth through young adulthood.  We are honored to be considered as your child’s medical home.

Please take a few moments to read through our website to get a better feel for Alan Bulotsky, MD & Associates' capabilities and services. Our website provides you with the important background about our clinicians, staff, office hours, appointment scheduling, maps, directions, and other useful information.

We know how busy life can be and are committed to making our practice convenient and accessible for your family. We want you to feel confident that when you choose us as your child’s medical home, you’re working with professionals who are qualified, experienced, accessible, and caring.

We want to thank you for choosing Alan Bulotsky, MD & Associates, PC, for your child’s medical care and welcome you to our practice. We can assure you that you’ll feel confident in our ability to meet and exceed all of your expectations. Please call our office if you have any questions or to schedule an appointment.

Life Threatening Emergencies dial 911
Poison Control dial 1-800-222-1222 



updated 3/24/2020

I am hopeful that this message will answer your questions about the coronavirus and also give you some peace of mind.  Of course, the situation and the recommendations regarding testing and quarantining are changing quickly. I will update this message periodically as the situation requires.  This is a new message as of March 24.  

Our office remains open, and we are still seeing children for regular checkups and certain children who are ill. Our office hours will be modified in response to the coronavirus outbreak and recommendations.  The office will open at 8 AM daily.  We ask that you call the office in the morning if you have questions regarding your child. If your child needs to be seen we will make an appointment at the first available time. As the need for sick visits has declined since most patients are asked to remain at home, the office will close when all patients requiring an appointment have been seen. There is always a provider or nurse available after hours to answer questions.

Regarding coronavirus infection, the first point I want to make is that the virus has not been causing many cases of severe illness in children.  Symptoms of the virus are mainly fever and cough. One of the points being made that has increased the panic about CV is “You can have the virus and not even know it and spread it to other people.”  Stated another way, this means “You can get the virus in your body and it does not make you sick at all, no symptoms whatsoever.”  While this is concerning for the possibility of spread to people at higher risk, it is reassuring for the child who might have the germ and still feel completely fine.  While we cannot keep children from touching their faces, we can wash their hands often. Frequent hand washing is a very important way to limit the spread of CV.

Most children who contract CV will not need to be seen in the office or in an emergency room.  There is no specific treatment for the germ, just as with other respiratory viruses.  If your child has a cough, with or without fever, but is not having breathing difficulty and is drinking and urinating normally, we ask that you manage your child’s symptoms at home with Tylenol or ibuprofen, increased fluid intake, and rest.  I have received calls from parents describing a child’s illness that would not have worried them this time last year, when there was no CV around, but this year they are worried because of the CV.  My response has been, “Your child is only as sick as he is,” so what matters is not which germ is causing the illness but how worrisome the actual symptoms are.  Of course, if you are concerned about your child’s breathing or hydration status, please call the office to speak with a nurse.

Regarding testing, most children will not need to be tested for CV.  Since there is no specific treatment for the germ, a positive test does not make a difference in getting the child better; her immune system will fight it off.  And while many parents will say “I want him tested just so I know,” the test may not provide the peace of mind we would all like.  No medical test is 100% accurate, so a negative test does not absolutely rule out CV infection.  If a child has symptoms that are similar to the symptoms of CV, the child should avoid being around others who might get ill, especially elderly people and people with other health problems, even if that child had a negative test.

Of course, we are still seeing children who have the flu, some of whom do need to be seen in the office for possible treatment, and strep throat, who need to be seen for proper diagnosis and antibiotic treatment.  If your child has a fever and sore throat, please call to speak with a nurse regarding the need for an appointment.  We will be asking our administrative staff to forward calls to a nurse before scheduling a sick visit.  I know this is different than how we have always scheduled appointments, but we are making a great effort to decrease the chance of coronavirus exposure to other patients and to our office staff.

For those of you who have an appointment for a well-child check, as of now we are still seeing those children.  Other children who are coming to the office with respiratory symptoms will enter and exit through one exam room, not coming in to the waiting room or front office area.  We will continue to monitor CDC and DPH guidelines, and if the recommendation changes regarding seeing children for physicals, we will contact families directly.

I hope that this information has been useful to you.  We appreciate your understanding as we all navigate this unprecedented situation.  Please call to speak with a nurse if you have other questions about your child’s health or about CV in general.


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Important message to our valued patients and families:

On Wednesday, August 29, 2018, our practice experienced a failure of our computer system, resulting in our inability to access patient records.  This failure occurred despite a backup server and backup magnetic tapes of all our data.  We want to stress that this was not a data breach, and no patient information has been made accessible to anyone outside our office or our IT partners.  

Our IT professionals are working diligently to recover the data.  In the meantime, we have continued to see patients, documenting every visit on paper.  When our electronic medical record system is functioning, we will enter all these visits into the electronic record.  Unfortunately, we may have difficulty reconstructing all the data as certain files have been inaccessible to date.  This is where we are asking you to help us:  We will need to manually re-enter immunization records.  If you have the form from your child's most recent physical, please send us a copy.  If you cannot find the form, please contact your child's school nurse and request that a copy be sent to us at 508-580-3332.

Most of us here at Alan Bulotsky, MD & Associates have been here longer than electronic medical records have existed, and while the recent situation has been frustrating for everyone, we have not lost our focus on providing excellent care for your children.  We appreciate the patience, understanding and cooperation of the families we service.  

During a power outage our phone system may become unavailable.  If you are unable to contact the office, please call our Nurse Triage Service directly at 508-967-0613 for questions about a sick child. 

Office News:   

After over thirty years, Alan Bulotsky chose to retire from private practice.   We at Alan Bulotsky MD & Associates have chosen to retain the name of the practice as a commemoration of the excellent care provided to children in the Brockton area since 1975, a tradition that Dr. Hausman and Dr. Blanchard are proud to continue.